Doording® - innovative access control and door phone for business and residential use

Video door phone and digital keys in one complete solution: your mobile phone.

DoorDing is an innovative and revolutionary solution based on your smartphone. The old "door station" has disappeared and been replaced by a sign with a QR code and an NFC tag.

As a door phone, just scan the sign and the rest of the dialogue takes place via your and your guests' mobile phones. No downloads for guests!

For access control with digital keys, you can open your doors or gates with a simple swipe in your DoorDing app.

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Presenting DoorDing

A brief video describing some of the things DoorDing can do for you. We don't describe how DoorDing is installed, partly because it is really simple and partly because we have skilled local partners who can help you with it. We will also not describe how cheap DoorDing is compared to the alternatives, you will have to ask our partners or us about it.

From our customers:

"DoorDing offers a flexibility we have not seen anywhere else”

Claus Grønbæk, Københavnerkirken

"Doording provides a significantly improved guest experience.”

Dawid Opyd, WorkShareGrow Frederiksberg