Innovative digital access control ... with a door phone

What you get with DoorDing

  • Simple, digital key to you house and your workplace or company

  • Video communication with your guests

  • Direct access to the host you’re visiting as opposed to everyone in the building

  • Remote doorcontrol - open for your guests no matter where you are

  • Easy administration of digital keys for cleaning, guests, temporary workers etc.

  • Simple and cost-effective installation

  • … and so much more!

Innovative digital door phone

Your new common door phone consists of a simple sign with a QR code (and an NFC tag) that is scanned by your guests with their mobile phones. On the phone, they can choose who will contact in the stairwell and after a short video chat, you can open the door so your guests can enter - all directly from their mobile phones.

Guests do not even have to download or install special DoorDing software. Just enable the phone to use the camera and microphone to talk to you.

What can you do with DoorDing?

Open for deliveries, even when you’re not home! One-time key or via the door phone independently of where you are. 

Provide a temporary key for cleaning and craftsmen for an hour, for a day, for a week or whatever you need.

Renting your apartment for Airbnb guests or visiting family.

No more lost or missing keys - uncomplicated administration of keys for yourself, for your building administrator, for your caretaker.

Even branded door phones

Company branded door phone with direct contact to reception, departments, or individual employees.

DoorDing allows you to brand the visitor experience with your logo and name and enables guests to contact specific departments or employees directly where needed.

It is even possible to make "virtual" door phones with specific names and logos if you have several functions at the location, e.g. office hotels, co-work spaces, and the like.